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Falling in love
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My crack ot3 are OikawaxKisexKisumi (we all know kise is the bottom of all bottoms), AsahixMakotoxKiyoshi, aaaaand HaruxKageyamaxKuroko (haru and kuroko don’t top for no one)

Anonymous asked:
do you consider yourself good-looking? :) do you have a girlfriend (or you had one) or are you interested in somebody (if you don't have a girlfriend)?

     ”Hm I wonder…aren’t I a pretty average looking guy?” He’s certainly unaware of just how handsome he is being very modest when it comes to his looks. He’s always assumed everyone was attracted to him because of his talkative and inviting personality. “I haven’t had a girlfriend yet. I’ve been too busy with practice and studies that I’m sure I’d have trouble keeping one. There is someone that I’m interested in but that’s a secret.”


Kisumi y Nitori. I like how match combine their colours and I wanted doodle this clothes.

Without reference because I was made over midnight (así han quedado también…)


{ xpretiosus }

               Swimming at Samezuka all the time wasn’t
               the best, so when he got the chance, well,
               he got out. He had already been to the
               Iwatobi Swim Club once, so why not
               again? He had just finished swimming
               for the day though, grabbing his towel
               and starting to dry himself off when he
               sees someone around the pool probably
               waiting on a swim class. “Hmm.
               Popping over to them he perks up with
               a grin. “Waiting on the class?"


     Kisumi made it his responsibility to watch over and pick his younger brother up from his swimming lessons—so Hayato could feel less nervous knowing his big brother watching him. Now those days have changed since Makoto was able to make Hayato feel more comfortable in the pool. As he waited for lesson to begin, Kisumi decided to kill time by watching strangers make their laps up and down the pool. 


     When a voice piped up, violets glanced down to meet whomever the voice belonged to. Wasn’t this guy swimming not too long ago? ”Ah, my little brother is taking classes here. Are you new? I haven’t seen you around.” New people come and go every day to use this public pool so it didn’t come off as a surprise that he hadn’t spotted the teen before.   

Anonymous asked:
I may be in love with you.

    “Is that so? I’m sorry but I’m unable to return your feelings. There are much better guys out there for you I’m sure.” Just how many times has he been confessed to like this. He always felt bad after turning someone down—after all it took so much courage to tell the person you like how you truly feel about them. Getting rejected can be a world shattering experience. 


so is anyone secretly in love with me yet

Anonymous asked:
would you rather give your partner a blowjob or a handjob?
Let's play NSFW Would You Rather? in honor of Sexual Sunday!


     ”—This shouldn’t come off as a surprise but having my partner squirm and tremble under me while trying to buck into my mouth is a much funner way to get someone off than using just my hands.” Not that there was anything wrong with giving them—he just preferred to use his tongue and mouth when the opportunity presented itself. He loves to suck and lick, to taste and savor every moment before he lets his partner release.

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