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Shigino Kisumi. 18. Basketball nut.
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Falling in love
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『Oh.. That could be a good idea! I’m sure they’d like to play with him, and I would love to see him again, he was making so much progress.
I’ll just have to see when I can take them with me— Maybe I could teach you how to swim while I’m at it, I bet you look like a drowning insect…』


       ”Hey, I know how to swim just as the next guy—except not competitively. I’m better at sports where my feet stay planted on the ground aha.” Reaching out, Kisumi wrapped an arm around Makoto’s shoulders as he gave a small pat on them. “Then it’s a date! He’s been asking non-stop about you! Hayato really admires you instead of his onii-chan. I’m jealous Makoto. If you steal my little brother away I’ll have to take the twins.” He smiles to show he’s only joking of course.

ah I want to do more cop!Kisumi threads where he’s like writing someone up a ticket but then gets sweet talked into writing it off and instead gives a warning because he’s too kind and gullible.

❝Go, go, let’s go.”
“Go, go, kiss me.”
“Please, love me.”
“Please, kiss me.❞


        “Um excuse me, you’re a pretty tall guy.” Lanky like a doll but still tall. “Would you be interested in joining the basketball team?”


         ”Makoto you should come by and see Hayato some time. I think he’d be really happy if you could continue to teach him how to swim.” He could already see the sparkle in his brothers eyes if the lessons continued. “Bring your siblings over to meet Hayato too.”


After the unplanned conversation about his charm points, and basketball in general, Gou decided to stop by the school’s club room and find out what Iwatobi’s game schedule was. They’d played Kisumi’s school about a month back, but they were scheduled to play them again in a week’s time, so once that Friday night rolled around, Gou and Chigusa were excited to have something new to do.

The game was away for Iwatobi, so a short train ride brought the girls to their destination and following the crowd into the gymnasium area where a lot of people were mingling until the start of the game. Hana found a few people from their grade from Iwatobi also waiting around, so she joined them and promised to meet back up with Gou before the start of the game.

So easing her way through the crowd, Gou stopped at the edge of the bleachers and scanned all the players practicing. It didn’t take more than a few seconds to spot Kisumi, his hair alone made him easily identifiable. He was on the opposite side of the playing court, throwing a few practice shots with his teammates, so the redhead called out to him when she was about halfway down the court.



          Loud chattering and murmurs filled the semi-crowded gymnasium for game that would be starting soon. Getting in a few practice shots with the team, of course not without properly stretching out first, Kisumi called them to huddle over. This is the part where he said something incredibly sappy about third years leaving and soon the underclassmen will be the ones they count on in future games, to raise their morale.

         After they break, spirits all fired up, Kisumi goes over to the bench to take a quick drink from his water bottle. The minute his name was called out he sighed and reluctantly turned to the voice with a forced smile. To his surprise he wasn’t greeted with a band of fangirls but instead a face he didn’t mind seeing. “Gou-chan!” Kisumi waved over to her, the fake smile forming into a genuine one. 


         Well the match is against Iwatobi it shouldn’t have been too much of a shock to see her. Now he wondered if Haru and Makoto had come along with her. Just as he opened his mouth to ask the whistle blew for the teams to line up. “—Ah I’ll talk to you later!” Lining up to greet the opposing team, Kisumi slipped on his wristbands—meaning there would be no further distractions. His head was set solely on the game. With the jump ball in play the game began. All through out each quarter Kisumi had been pumped up to play better than the last set of matches.

         So he’d been showing off a little in front of Gou—not that it had been a bad thing. In the end it had payed off when the other team fought to close the large gap between the scores to no avail. As the buzzer went off his teammates bellowed out a cheer along with the crowd supporting their school. The team lined up once more before being dismissed to hit the lockers. Kisumi made a beeline to where he spotted the female last, of course after he had a drink and wiped himself down. "I found you!"

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